Iris’s Room

Hello internet!  How are you?  Good?  Cold?  We have been busy in Noseda household.  Winter has officially struck and we have had 5 snow days in a row.  5!!  Crazy!  With that being said, I am very proud that Eric and I have done a bunch of organizing and random odd jobs around the house.  We are almost done with the office and I am so excited to share that with you… until then I promised I would share how Iris’s room turned out.  So hold on to your blankies!

When we bought our house Iris’s room looked like this:


Yeah it was painted like a castle.  I hated it immediately.  I was really scared that Iris would see it and like it, luckily when we walked into her room she made a disgusted face and said “no, this is Uncle Frank’s room”.  Before we officially moved in I wanted her space to be ready since the rest of the house would be a disaster for a while.

I asked her what color she wanted her room and she told me pink.  Pink.  I don’t have major problems with pink… its fine if it is an accent color but a whole room of pink?  That is a lot of pink. Well, little girl got her wish… and her room currently looks like:

(Note… with the overhead light on it makes some photos look a bit warmer.  Sorry!  I still don’t know how to take good photos)




Corgi shot!


I love how the blue closets turned out.  When the closets are open it is such a cute way to break up all the pink.


It was a lot of work to get it to what it looks like today.  I had to sand, prime, and paint the walls and trim.  We ripped out all the old windows and replaced them in December and added the closet doors.  We still need to touch up the trim and paint the closet doors, but other than that it is looking much better.  I was terrified of a pink room but it ended up looking super cute with all of her things.

Oh, and here is a sneak peak of the office:


More on the office later!  Stay warm!  Peace out!










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