Ice Cream

My blog post shall be short n’ sweet tonight my friends.  I decided to get out one of my favorite drawings that I completed several years ago.  It is quite an emotional self-portrait that expressed my inner turmoil regarding my then current predicament.


Sigh.  That was back in the day when I would fill a bowl with two cupcakes, ice cream, and chocolate syrup for my dessert every night.  Then I joined Weight Watchers and I figured out it was like ALL my points for the entire day in one sundae.  Oooops.

I know.  I am sorry to show this to you because I know many of you have felt similar feelings.  Do you ever sit there longing for _____ (in my case, ice cream) and try to decide if it is worth putting pants on and going to the store for?   Luckily I have Eric, and 9 times out of 10 he will happily venture to the store and get me whatever I must have.  Back off y’all, he’s mine.

BY THE WAY.  HAVE YOU HEARD?  Ben and Jerry’s has this new GENIUS idea called “slices”.

Photo cred

THEY ARE SO GOOD.  MUST EAT ALL OF THEM.  That cow sure can make ice cream.  But I hate to tell you this…. I ate all my slices.  Now I am out of ice cream yet again.  THE CYCLE CONTINUES.

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