Doughnut Doodles part 2


Hey you!  Yes you!  That pink doughnut has OFFICIALLY BEEN NAMED!  That’s right… the name of this doughnut is…

(drum roll please)

Princess Sugarbutt!

Hooray!  Congratulations to my friend Rachael who named her.  RACHAEL, make sure you tell me a food you want me to draw and I will get it to ya’ soon.  ALSO virtual high five to everyone who participated!

To honor her highness, I drew her a friend.  That’s right, he/she has no name yet.  But ain’t he/she cute?


That’s all for tonight, we have been battling lots of illnesses this week…. hopefully by next week we are feeling better.  Maybe doughnuts will help us in our quest for health.  Couldn’t hurt, right?


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