Is it June yet?

My feet hurt.  I am pretty sure they are going to just fall off.  You see, we have entered the mega busy stressful get everything together for the K-5 art show time of the year.  I basically feel like I am sprinting from one area to another.  Which is no excuse, but I don’t have a lot to share with you today.  OH WAIT, I DO.

First of all, have you met Stella?  Stella is our new couch.  Before we meet Stella, lets bid adieu to Gary.  Gary is/was our old couch.  We inherited him from my dear Grandma and unfortunately he has gotten more and more brownish over the years.  Let’s be clear here, he is supposed to be off white-ish.  Having a baby and a dog really messes with your couch’s appearance apparently.  Check out Gary back in the day, when he was significantly less brown.


Ignore my dog.  Seriously, she is trying to hypnotize you.  Anyways Gary has been a lovely couch, I will miss and cherish you dearly Gary.

Over spring break, Eric and I set out to find a replacement for Gary and we came across Stella.  Stella is brand spankin’ new.  And she has a new couch smell.  Check her out:


It took about 8 weeks to get her after we ordered her, I had to have different fabric and I almost lost my mind waiting for her.  I have issues with patience.


She is also very comfortable.  Hooray!


Oh, and in case you are wondering I did make some art recently.  Here you go:


The eyes bother me, but hey I guess I learned what not to do next time.  Also, the mark towards the bottom of the page was an addition from my little artist.  She wouldn’t stop meowing at my cat.

Iris made art too!  She made some paintings for both of her Grandma’s.  Awww she’s such a sweetie cutie patootie.


Alright, that’s all for tonight!


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