This weekend I had an unprecedented amount of free time and I used it as best I could squandered it profoundly. There were a lot of outdoor chores the first day but rain quickly stopped any further use of the outdoors. To some this was a curse, to others it was a blessing.IMG_20170523_192323

Some dogs do not like walks. And some like sofas more than playing catch it would seem. And even fewer dogs don’t even need a sofa, they will steal any soft place they find.
IMG_20170520_222805Even if said place is where the baby makes stinky poops.

While that happened I kept busy too. Blistering my fingers further by trying to thread stone with wire for a 5th or 6th time.IMG_20170523_192333

This time we’ve turned our stone into a pendant and it looks vaguely wearable.


Then I shifted focus to my paper cut project that’s been dragging on for over 5 months. As of now we’re just past the stage that makes me curse its existence and have moved onto the part where I just wish it was done or I never even started.


Once all this was over I moved onto the outline/draft of the book that Jo and I plan on making this summer. I’d give you some nice pictures of it but there are none, as nice pictures cannot be taken of thin graphite drawings on mostly white paper.

See, nothing legible whatsoever. So I will instead close this with the first collaboration drawing I did with Iris once she returned. We call it ‘Rude Goat and Pretty Raptor.”



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