I have a really bad habit of buying a sketchbook, using 3 pages, putting it somewhere and forgetting about it, and then buying a new sketchbook.  Its the ciiiiiiircle of life a sketchbook.  This lil’ guy has stayed with me for a pretty decent amount of time.  I am so proud.   Since I have been mega busy putting the K-5 art show together, I decided to show you Burt (for the record, I just named him… not all of my possessions are named… I am not some sort of crazy person…).  What up Burt.


Plain cover.


Snazzy intro./zentangle page.



This one I started while we were on vacation at my family’s cottage on Lake Michigan.  I was playing around with textures.  Fun.


Once the art show is over I will make more stuff I promise.

Dinner is calling,


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