Summer Break BEGINS!

Hello summer break!  My name is Jo, and I am very excited to get to know you over the next couple of months.   To recap since last week’s post- I was sick on Thursday after the art show, Friday I got worse and spent some time in our local ER due to dehydration and what-not, spent Saturday and most of Sunday sleeping, Monday and Tuesday were our last two days of school, Wednesday was checkout day, and Thursday (today) feels like our first official day of break.   Phew.

So… I don’t have anything new to share with you fine people tonight.  Sorry.  Excuses, excuses I know.  BUT I pinky promise to show you something new next week.  In the meantime- as I was cleaning out one of my classrooms, I found this:


This happens to be a prop I made for a show I helped direct called “Honk”- which is basically a musical about the ugly duckling.   For this show I went crazy making random props and this one was by far my favorite.  The sad part is that no one could possibly read the cover of this from so far away- I probably did’t need to spend so much time on it.  But it was fun to make, so whatever.

Ok so, next week I promise to show you something new.  New as in recently made.


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