Mission Completion!

Instead of Eric posting today, JO WILL POST.

If you have ever sat and watched a TON of Little Einsteins, you will know the phrase “mission completion!”   Iris is obsessed with that show.  She calls it “baby stein” and will make the biggest pouty face if we don’t watch it.

Anyways, remember this post?  And this post?  I began my mission around December and set a goal to finish by June 10th- AKA Big Nancy’s Birthday.  I thought that I was super stretching it, I would have this giant drawing way before then.  But Jo in the past knows how future Jo rolls.  Procrastinators unite!  Tomorrow!

But I am so happy to announce that Big Nancy is Complete!


It is really hard to take a decent picture of Big Nancy.






Good looks run in the family.  I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Or as my aunt once said “I would say the apple has fallen directly underneath the tree.”

So I will leave you with a mystery.   WHAT WILL I BE DOING WITH THIS STUFF?


Perhaps I shall solve the mystery for you next week.

Until then,


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