Melee Monday: Quick Draw- Portrait Style

Happy Monday to all!

Eric and I have been gone all weekend arriving home this afternoon.  We. Are. Tired.  Baby girl decided to be an awful sleeper this weekend.  At least she makes up for it by being cute, right?

Today’s challenge was: quick draw- portrait style.  We began by completing a basic drawing exercise- blind continuous contour line drawings of each other.  If you don’t know what that means basically you stare at what you are drawing, you are not allowed to look at your picture and it is one continuous line- so no picking up your marker.  Ummm guys,  Eric cheated like four times.  He should probably be disqualified, right?

Here is Eric’s drawing of me:


You can tell I am deeply concentrating.  And beautiful.  Here is my picture of Eric:


Pretty much 100% accurate.  Didn’t you know Eric suffers from a condition where his nose runs into his mouth?

After our contour challenge we got 10 minutes to draw each other however we wanted.  So I drew Eric as a turtle man.  I constantly make fun of him because he is known to take his time.  Getting out of the car, doing the dishes, eating.  All things Jo’s brain cannot comprehend.


Eric caught wind of what I was doing and he illustrated me in my truest form:


One sexy cake crazed jungle cat.  Eric takes his time and has to do stuff once while I speed through everything and have to do it four times but in all reality we pretty much get done around the same time.  So we balance each other out pretty well, eh?  Although, every task I accomplish I do sincerely hope there is a cake reward at the end of it.

Speaking of rewards…. I would like to announce last week’s winner of the drawing challenge based upon viewer votes.  The winner is… NO ONE WE TIED.  Eric got 3 votes and I got 3 votes.  I am going to encourage you to instead of liking a post comment on who’s you like best.  We are both pretty competitive so yeah, vote vote vote!  Since we tied we both got ice cream though….


So I guess tying isn’t so bad after all?

So vote!  You have until Friday to vote on my work or Eric’s work.  This week’s winner gets a foot massage.  I believe in you!  Vote!


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