Stop, collaborate and listen…

Great. Now I have Ice Ice Baby stuck in my head. Anyways… after I finally finished the Dot painting I shared with you last week I was hankering to start another project. Eric and I haven’t really been focusing on our own artwork since we moved from Gladwin.

Now that some of our big house projects have wrapped up, we have been feeling like we can devote some time to making things again. Eric really enjoys making these geometric drawings and cut outs, and I have been really digging painting so we thought we could combine the two. So for this lil’ project, we collaborated (see, the title of this post was relevant after all!).

This process is pretty self explanatory, especially since I took some in progress photos. Thanks to our recent snow day(s), I knocked this one out within a day.

Done? Yeah I think so. Happy? Kinda, there are a few things I want to play with when it comes to the shades (some are too dark and others aren’t dark enough) but the goal of this project was to try to collaborate and experiment. I definitely want to try some more, and we will keep you posted when we try a few more designs out.

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