Melee Monday: Jo vs. Eric

Whut up!

Eric and I took last week off to visit Lake Michigan, so we sorry for our internet absence.  We wanted to post but we were quite busy making sure our toddler didn’t fall down any stairs/fall face first into Lake Michigan.  Both happened at least once… and fortunately we were around and paying attention to make sure they were minor accidents.  Toddlers.

We don’t normally post on a Monday.  So this is new.  We want to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Monday is our NEW project (more on that momentarily), Wednesday is Eric’s post, and Friday is my (Jo’s) post.

Eric and I have decided to declare this Melee Monday!  THIS IS OUR PLAN…. every Monday we will have a drawing competition between Eric and I that focuses on a topic/theme/word/whatever we feel like and we will show you guys.  You can participate as well!  You can vote on your favorite!  Or you can even suggest new topics/words/themes/whatevers!  Yay!  You can participate!

Today’s topic: self-portrait! These will technically be our little Jo vs. Eric official icon’s every Melee Monday.  Here we go!

Eric’s self-portrait:


Jo’s self-portrait:


You can tell they are centered around a theme.  To destroy thy opponent!  Post your favorite self-portrait in the comments if you wanna share, or even offer up some fun topics/words/themes/whatevers!

Ok, I gotta go…. our toddler has now taken the straw out of her chocolate milk and is flinging milk everywhere demanding more.



(In case you aren’t my friend on the good ol’ FB- I don’t understand hashtags/don’t care enough to use them properly…. so don’t bother explaining them to me…)





6 thoughts on “Melee Monday: Jo vs. Eric”

    1. No worries, we understand the mom dilemma. Although our dog baby’s drawings aren’t quite as skilled as Iris’s, they are definitely full of spirit and enthusiasm.


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