Memory vs Real Life

I have a pretty terrible memory. Names, birthdays, directions, they are all just plastic bags in my mental breeze. Unrelated to this I hate drawing pictures of existing fictional works. It’s all ‘fanart’ and I don’t want to just leach off of other people’s love for existing properties.

This is not derivative, it’s an omage…

However, it turns out that strangers on the internet may not be interested in my “original characters do not steal” and I may be interested in their clicks on our webpage. Therefore to cheat circumvent my own opinions on this matter I’d come up with a drawing exercise that illuminates on my own poor memory, for fun and self-depreciation as well as capitalizing on the internets love of things they remember.

For this post I’ll be drawing two sketches of an iconic figure from days past. The first sketch will be based only on what I remember, with no references or refreshes. Then after that I’ll do some image searches and see how well I did in the details, and then while I’m at it doing a better more “on model” drawing as a follow up.

To kick things off let’s go back to the mid-nineties and try and remember everyone’s favorite Sunday afternoon fantasy princess, Xena. Now, admittedly I remember almost nothing about that show except it was a spinoff of the Kevin Sorbo Hercules show… which I also remember nothing about. I’m nearly positive that she had a sword and a pleated leather and chainmail skirt.
IMG_20170712_200455Here we go, offensively cromagnon face and a battle ready spaghetti strap tank top. I threw some very rough knight grieves on her regardless of how setting appropriate that would actually be. Now Let’s look at some real pictures from ’95 and see how I did.
Heck yeah, I was dead on, totally had a sword! Also, I wasn’t too far off on that skirt. The top though, definitely some kind of armored corset in those pictures. No need to protect any of the torso above the clavicle. And I completely forgot about her razor frisbee, which is probably more iconic of a prop than ‘sword’ but, eh. Let’s try again.
Not perfect but let’s move on. Keeping with our televised 90’s nostalgia and not at all spurred by the fact that a recent remake flopped came into theaters just this year, let’s try and remember the Blue Power Ranger.
IMG_20170712_200239This one should be a lot easier, he was blue and was themed around my childhood favorite dinosaur. I remember the helmets were basically motorcycle helmets that also looked like a dinosaur swallowing a bowling ball with a creepy molded plastic mouth. Also, they had weapons, and since nunchucks were all the craze of the 90’s I bet that’s what they all used. The rest was just a spandex jump suit with some gloves and boots covered in diamonds. Easy. Let’s see what google has to show us.
googleblue.JPGAwesome, I was really close this time… except wait what. Is that a gun? I guess they were packing heat as well as being teens with attitude. Double wait what, is that a spear? Maybe I remembered less about this character than I thought since the dinosaur helmets are not toothy and do not appear to be eating their eyes.
IMG_20170712_200256For the sake of the exercise here is a re-drawing with the necessary corrections and a pose that makes some more sense for doing karate (and having a spine).

That was a good time, let me know which rendition of the characters you preferred. To close out for the week I’ll share the ‘didn’t make the cut’ self portrait that I made for Monday’s post.



1 thought on “Memory vs Real Life”

  1. I really liked the first Lucy Lawless drawing. It was dead on. Hahaha! I bet Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons would have something to say.


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