On a roll

This week has flown rolled by!  I finally finished Iris’s cozy coupe, drew some stuff, started another wedding present and received quite a wonderful early birthday gift!  Those of you who haven’t gotten anything for me yet, don’t worry. There is still time.

Check out my early present!


Isn’t she pretty?!?  And she came with bonus presents!  Eric and Iris also got some birthday presents so we can all go for a ride.


We are ready to roll.

Speaking of rolling, look at who is finally finished. Remember this cozy coupe? 20170613_150521

Well here she!



We have put a lot of work into this little car, and it’s already chipped up so I don’t want to put too much more effort into it.  I just wanted to cover up the main area the annoyed me the most.


If you can see the indents where the cars eyes (yes, eyes) used to be.  I didn’t feel like the car needed eyes so I decided not to put them back on.  I have  been wanting to add flowers to the front to make it cuter but I haven’t been able to find any plastic flowers.

Today, I found some plastic from the box that Iris’s Moana doll came in.  I cut it up into different flower shapes, painted the backs with acrylic paint, and used a ton of hot glue to get them to stay on the car.  Here are some pictures of the process.



I am proud to say I didn’t burn myself once.  Success!  And the flowers are actually way shinier then they look in the pictures.

Iris seems to like them.  She ran to them and told me what colors each flower was.  Then tried to rip each one off.  We will see how long they last, eh?


On top of all that, I have been playing around with some Pentel markers.  I have just been into making a bunch of lines and just watching the images evolve.


So there you have it.  Quite the productive week!


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