Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This is first year we really got into Halloween with Iris.  Since September we have been asking her what she wanted to go as and we finally agreed upon a rainbow.   I looked up rainbow costumes and saw I would need to spend like 60 dollars and those costumes looked pretty straight forward… Continue reading Happy Halloween!


Back pain

This week has been plagued by alternating illness and culminated in a thrown out back. I've taken it in stride, but I'm also beat. Long story short art time has suffered and I don't have a lot to show for it. I did however, throw together this rendition of what happened to my back.


Guys!  I did it!  I finally tackled my chalkboard in one of my rooms!  My room looks soooooo much better. Remember this post?  Long story short my OCD kicked in and I was forced to make my room prettier.  After I made my walls all fancy and colorful my eye went straight to the big… Continue reading ART