Memory vs Real Life

I have a pretty terrible memory. Names, birthdays, directions, they are all just plastic bags in my mental breeze. Unrelated to this I hate drawing pictures of existing fictional works. It's all 'fanart' and I don't want to just leach off of other people's love for existing properties. However, it turns out that strangers on… Continue reading Memory vs Real Life

Melee Monday: Jo vs. Eric

Whut up! Eric and I took last week off to visit Lake Michigan, so we sorry for our internet absence.  We wanted to post but we were quite busy making sure our toddler didn't fall down any stairs/fall face first into Lake Michigan.  Both happened at least once... and fortunately we were around and paying… Continue reading Melee Monday: Jo vs. Eric

Picture Overload

Happy Thursday!  Wait, its Thursday right?  For the record, I was convinced it was Monday on Tuesday.  I was walking around going "Monday Monday Monday!" and Eric was like; "uhhh you know its Tuesday right?" Ooops. To begin, Iris's car is still not done.  So don't get super excited.  It is assembled and she has… Continue reading Picture Overload